Womenpreneur Experience has been created as a serious contribution towards seizing the opportunity of engaging women directly in all aspects of the transformative forces brought about by modern technology. It is a joint initiative by SANAD’s Entrepreneurship Academy & Womenpreneur Organization, who are bringing the ground-breaking Womenpreneur Tour to Morocco, Tunisia, and Jordan between November to December 2019.

What is Womenpreneur Experience?

What challenges do aspiring female entrepreneurs face in the MENA region? How can women tap the full power of technology? Will the digital revolution reshape women’s participation in the world of entrepreneurship? Will tech create new possibilities for women? Will women change the future of the Arab world?

The 2019 Womenpreneur Experience, first of its kind, is bringing together the brightest minds to discuss women, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. We will assess the current state of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the MENA region from a female perspective and identify ways to facilitate investment in women and girls, in form of capital, resources, mentorship and advocacy.

Time and place:

  • Place: Zain Innovation Campus (ZINC)
    King Hussein Business Park, Building 23, King Abdullah II Street, Amman, Jordan
  • Date: 10/12/2019
  • Time: 16h45 to 20:00


16h45 to 17h15 Registration
17h15 to 17h30 Intro


Sana Afouaiz, Directrice de Womenpreneur Initiative


Nurettin Ahmetefendi, Associate, Finance in Motion
17h30 to 18h00 WeInspire Talks

Hear from digital innovators and successful entrepreneurs in Jordan in a series of powerful and inspirational talks. Three speakers will tell how they failed and succeeded and share insights into the opportunities, challenges and obstacles they encountered in their journeys.

-Ala Hamdan, Filmmaker & Director at AtFilms

18h00 to 18h30 Panel Discussion

Women in the Age of Digital Transformation: Will they save the Middle East?

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) stated that the MENA region is losing about $575 billion a year because of  legal and social barriers that deter women’s full participation in economy, as only less than a quarter of women in the region are employed.

The region is one of the most youthful-more than 60% of the population under 25 years old- in the world and the most unemployed. Granting women access to internet access and the development of digital skills can only transform the lives of over 350 million people in the Middle East.

Our panellists will discuss how women can become the game changer for better social and economic growth in the region.


-Deema Anani, Representative of Digital Arabia network

-Thanaa Al-khasawneh, Executive Director of Business and Professional Women Amman (BPWA)

-Ala Hamdan, Filmmaker & Director at AtFilms


Ala’a Agha Karss, CEO of Superiors

18h30 to 19h00 Debate Talk: Gender intelligent finance: inclusive finance for inclusive growth (30 min)

Women entrepreneurs often remain financially under- or unserved, limiting their full potential for growth and employment generation. The last years have seen a surge in the number of financial institutions with a distinct approach to women-led enterprises, from female-led crowdfunding campaigns, innovative start-up finance products, to holistic value propositions including non-financial support and access to networks.


Our guests will debate the rationale for gender-based outreach strategies and product development, the effect of gender bias in investment decisions, the importance of gender awareness, and how technology can tilt the balance towards inclusive finance for female entrepreneurs.


-Nadia Al Saeed CEO of Bank El Etihad

-Emile Cubaisy, Founder & Managing Partner, Silicon Badiya

-Bdour Al-Hyari, Director of Strategic & Business Development, Microfund for Women


-Elena Sophia Matthiolius, Associate, Finance in Motion

19h00 to 19h30: Projection of Womenpreneur Tour movie (30 min)

Womenpreneur Tour is mapping and show-casing existing and aspiring female

talents in technology, entrepreneurship and digital innovation with the aim of fostering female entrepreneurship, analysing challenges and proposing solutions for the future growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region.

-Discussion: How to bridge partnerships between investors, women entrepreneurs, incubators and policy makers for a sustainable growth in the MENA region?


-H.E Mothanna Gharaibeh, Minister of Digital Economy

-Fida Taher, Co-founder of Women in Business Arabia

-Luma Fawaz, CEO of Oasis500

-Reema Diab, Founder of Galaxy Organization


Sana Afouaiz, Director of Womenpreneur

19h30: Networking & Activities

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