Following two successful events in Algeria and Egypt, the Womenpreneur Tour will reach its end on the 19th of July with an event full of vivid discussions and debates. The Womenpreneur Tour Event in Lebanon will bring together female entrepreneurs, investors, business development professionals and ecosystem stakeholders to discuss female entrepreneurship, innovation, crisis management and resilience. It will assess the state of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Lebanon in the context of the current crisis from a female perspective and identify ways to facilitate investment in women and girls, in form of capital, resources, mentorship and advocacy, especially in times of crisis.

Date & Location

  • Location: Beirut Digital District: Nassif El Yazaji St, Street, Liban (1075 bldg Rooftop)
  • Date: 19th July from 13h30 to 19h00


13h30 : Registration
14h : Partners Keynote


Dragan Spirovski, Regional Office Head Middle East, Finance in Motion

Sana Afouaiz, Founder & CEO of Womenpreneur


Guest speakers

Nayla Tueni, Chief Executive Officer and editor in chief, An-Nahar and Annahar Arabi at Annahar Newspaper

Hazar Caracalla, Economist, Public Policy Practitioner

Madiha Raslan, President of the Women Leaders Association

Asmahan Zein, Partner at Filovault Crypta SAL

14h15 : Inspiring Talks

The entrepreneurs who are building the new Lebanon

Hear from digital innovators, social entrepreneurs and female leaders in Lebanon in a series of powerful and inspirational talks. What the mega-crises have done to Female Led businesses in Lebanon? How have they dealt with those challenges? How are they mitigating risks and ensuring continuation? Two inspiring female entrepreneurs will share their journey on what is to be an entrepreneur in Lebanon.



Haifa Charbel, True Story Productions Founder & CEO, Creator, executive producer & presenter of Soufaraa Al Arez TV show

Yasmina Audi, Founder of The Sparks Factory

Jennifer Mansour, Founder & Mom-in-Chief at Little Melly

Sarine Dekmak, Co-founder & Marketing Specialist at Dekmak.co


Q&A : 15 mins

15h15 Panel Discussion

Buoyant and intact no matter the crisis

Depreciating currency, lack of necessities, hyperinflation and an unstable operating environment are just some of the problems that Lebanese businesswomen have been confronted with in the past two years.


This panel will dive into the ways women can equip themselves to stay operational no matter the challenge. What solutions are out there, and how can the ecosystem stakeholders and institutions surrounding the female entrepreneurs adopt new innovative approaches, and adapt to boost women’s resilience in times of crisis?



Carla Saba, Deputy General Manager at Berytech

Mireille Korab Abi Nasr, Corporate Communication Officer at FFA Private Bank, Treasure of the board of Women Leaders association WLA

Sobhiya Najjar, Journalist

Mayssam Daaboul, Ethical economist, Founder Carpe Verum, Research affiliate & Coordinator at Sensorica



Sana Afouaiz, Founder & CEO of Womenpreneur


Q&A : 15 mins 

16h15 : Panel discussion

Funding in times of uncertainty

Funding is key for entrepreneurs to unlock their potential and grow their businesses. However, the funding journey for women is rarely easy, especially in a region of heightened gender biases. In this panel we will bring together investment experts, entrepreneurs and ecosystem enablers to discuss access to finance, both traditional and alternative.



Layal Mansour Ichrakieh, Ph.D in Macroeconomics- Monetary Policy and Financial Crisis, Advisor for the Minstry of Labor & the World Bank

Danielle Hatem, Investment Advisor & Founder at D does Business

Asmahan Zein, Partner at Filovault Crypta SAL

Elie Akhrass, Program Coordinator of the World Bank iSME and B5 Funds with Kafalat

Farah Chatila, Senior Investment Specialist at DAI



Alexander Reviakin, Technical Assistance at Finance in Motion


Q&A : 15 mins

17h15 : Womenpreneur Tour Documentary projection & Debate

This teaser documentary will project snapchat moments from our interviews with six inspiring women entrepreneurs and 4 experts from Lebanon.

The Womenpreneur Tour Docuseries aims to map and show-case existing and aspiring female talents in technology, entrepreneurship and digital innovation with the aim of fostering female entrepreneurship, analyzing challenges and proposing solutions for the future growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Lebanon during the era of multiple crises.

After the projection, the six inspiring female entrepreneurs that have been interviewed for the documentary will be invited to the floor for a vivid discussion with the audience.



Nisrine El Turky, Founder & CEO of IoTree (Internet of Trees)

Fidele El Achkar, Founder & CEO of FoodSight sal

Layal Jebran, Co-founder & CEO of Moubarmij, Inc.

Nisrine El Makkouk, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Kamkalima

Lea Lteif, Founder at Boèm Home Boutique



Nour Itani, Investment Management at Finance in Motion

18h15 : Networking

The Conference will end with a networking session. The aim of this event is also to provide participants with the opportunity to meet and connect. Numerous actors from various entrepreneurial sectors will attend this event. It is thus, the perfect opportunity for them to interact with one another, and discover new ideas, exchange and learn about new opportunities.


The event is fully booked, see you next time !

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Kamkalima Siroun