After the successful first Womenpreneur Tour in 2019, Womenpreneur Initiative & SANAD Entrepreneurship Academy have once again teamed up to promote women business leaders. This time, the Womenpreneur Tour van will travel across Egypt in March 2022 to discover how female entrepreneurs in digital, innovative and social industries are responding to the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak under the motto “Turning Crises into Opportunities.”


Women’s participation in the MENA workforce is currently significantly lower than men’s, at only 21% compared with 70%. Yet of the estimated 1.7 million job losses expected in the region due to the impact of COVID-19, a disproportionate percentage – over 40% – are held by women.  Female entrepreneurs in these countries and in Egypt report that they are implementing a number of measures to tackle the difficult environment brought about by the pandemic. Through one-on-one interviews and roadshow Conference, the second Womenpreneur Tour in Egypt aims to meet, explore, and present the various strategies being employed by female entrepreneurs to stabilize, adapt, and even grow their businesses.


The aim of the Womenpreneur Tour Conference is to advance women’s economic participation and empowerment in Egypt. And it is even more crucial in these times of uncertainty and crisis. To counteract the severely negative impact on women from the pandemic, it is essential to promote their full economic participation, especially as a means to help the economy recover from the COVID-19 crisis. Not only is it tremendously important to include women in the economy, but it is even more important to inspire women and young girls to engage in entrepreneurship and provide them with the tools they need to achieve their dreams.


The Womenpreneur Tour Event in Cairo will bring together stakeholders, female entrepreneurs, investors and actors in the ecosystem to discuss women, crisis, innovation and entrepreneurship. We will assess the current state of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Egypt from a female perspective and identify ways to facilitate investment in women and girls, in form of capital, resources, mentorship and advocacy, especially in times of crises.


  • Support Egyptian women entrepreneurs and their businesses during times of crises;
  • Raise awareness on specific challenges faced by Egyptian women entrepreneurs since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic;
  • Provide female entrepreneurs with access to financing sources and business support;
  • Bring an increased visibility to the businesses run by women;
  • Showcase role-models of women entrepreneurs in Egypt;
  • Shift the imagination and common believes around female entrepreneurship by revealing their strength, innovation, and resilience;
  • Provide a platform for stakeholders, women entrepreneurs and ecosystem actors to discuss and collaborate on efficient actions to support women entrepreneurship in Egypt;
  • Build cross-linkages and networks for women to activate, exchange, and learn.

Date & Location

  • Location: Consoleya: 5 El-Fadl, Bab Al Louq, Abdeen, Cairo
  • Date: 28 March 2022 at 14h00


14h00 : Partners Key note



  • Mohamed Emad Eldin Aly Morsy, Head of Egypt Office at Finance in Motion
  • Sana Afouaiz, Founder & CEO of Womenpreneur
  • Mariam Okasha, Marketing Manager at Consoleya

14h30 : Inspiring Talks


Women Turning Crises into Opportunities: Stories

Hear from digital innovators, social entrepreneurs and female leaders in Egypt in a series of powerful and inspirational talks. What impact has COVID-19 had on women entrepreneurs in Egypt? Has the pandemic led to a boom in women becoming entrepreneurs, or has it been a bane? What are the opportunities and challenges they encountered?



Zienab M. Fatehy, Co-founder of ClueApps

Farah Emara, Co- Founder FreshSource

Manal Amine, Founder & CEO at Arabize


Moderator: Dalila Djamane, Head of the legal department and human resources manager at Kreston International Almohaseboon

15h00 Panel Discussion


Increasing women’s access to finance in the post pandemic era
In the current climate of the COVID-19 pandemic, women’sentrepreneurship is likely to fall down even more andwithout adequate funding many risk having to close theirbusinesses. It is necessary to work on breaking down thebarriers that businesswomen face when seeking funding,starting with the financial sector. 

This panel will explore ways to improve women’s access tofunding opportunities and make the largely male-dominated financial sector more friendly to women.


Irene Boghdadi, Head of Entrepreneurship and MSMEs atChemonics Egypt Consultants (CE)

Riham Abu Elinin, Founder & CEO of BznsBuilder

Minoush Abdelmeguid, CEO of Mezzan & InvestmentManager focusing on Gender Lens Investments

Noha El-Ghazaly, Egypt Country Advisor at MediterraniaCapital Partners

Noha Shaker, Secretary General of the Egyptian FintechAssociation and the Co-founder and Elected Vice President ofthe Africa FinTech Network

Moderator: Mayar Khaled, Finance in Motion

15h30 : Panel discussion


Fostering Female Entrepreneurship Resilience Post-COVID-19

This roundtable discussion will bring together stakeholders, women entrepreneurs, financial experts and actors from the ecosystem to explore the inclusive gender actions needed for a better future for women and communities in Egypt during a post COVID-19 era. It will bring about inspiring and innovative ideas to navigate the pandemic and tap regional opportunities to create jobs, contribute to economic growth, and reduce gender gaps.



Hala Barakat, Director Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, The American University in Cairo

Dr. Rasha Tantawy, Board Member, WEN Women Entrepreneur Network

Noha Abdel Hamid, Regional Initiative Manager of CTEK Women in the MENA Initiative

Nora Rafea, Program Specialist at UN Women

Moderator: Dalila Djamane, Head of the legal department and human resources manager at Kreston International Almohaseboon

16h30 : Womenpreneur Tour Documentary projection & Debat


This teaser documentary will capture briefly moments from our interviews with six inspiring women entrepreneurs from Egypt.

The Womenpreneur Tour Docuseries aim to map and show-case existing and aspiring female talents in technology, entrepreneurship and digital innovation with the aim of fostering female entrepreneurship, analysing challenges and proposing solutions for the future growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem Egypt in Post Covid-19 era.

Then, the inspiring female entrepreneurs will be invited to the floor for a vivid discussion with the audience.

Mariam Tag, Product Manager of Stllr

Nermine Elnemr, CEO AI7arefa

Menna Shahin, co-founder of Tekeya

Dalia Laz, CEO of Esorus

Salma Abu El Naga, Founder & CEO – Toi To Go Application

Nevien Magdy, CEO of Origine Technology Solution


Moderator: Dalila Djamane, Head of the legal department and human resources manager at Kreston International Almohaseboon

17h30 : Networking


The Conference will end with a networking session. The aim of this event is also to provide to the participants the opportunity to meet and connect. Numerous actors from the entire entrepreneurial sectors will attend this event. It is thus the perfect opportunity for every one of them to interact with one another, and discover new ideas, exchange and learn about new opportunities.


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